PF Diesel Fuel Sump


Step up your truck game with our custom PF fuel sump!

Kit Includes:

Sump, sump accessories, 3″ hole saw, and installation instructions


Fuel Sumps are nothing new these days, you see them everywhere and every company seems to have one. While still using a no-tank drop design we have made this sump to where it will install with 1 single bolt with one single 3″ hole in your tank. This means less places to leak and much quicker install. All of our tank sumps come with a 3″ hole saw, (so no extra trips to the hardware store), and all stainless hardware.  The single o-ring design creates the perfect seal insuring you have zero leaks. 


  • Uses all available fuel from the tank. No issues with sucking air when below ¼ tank. Perfect for use with today’s high flow lift pump systems. (Airdog, FASS, etc)
  • Stand pipe cut into the inside of the sump to reduce the amount of sediments that get to your filter system.
  • Drain Plug for future tank servicing or sediment draining.
  • Single bolt design that allows for 5 minute install as well as less chances for leaks that other tanks sumps may have when using multiple bolts drilled into the tank.
  • Stainless Steel hardware and Brass ½” Pushlock fitting provided.
  • Comes with 3” hole saw to make the only hole needed in your tank for install.
  • Inner  ring designed to go through the 3” hole so tank does not need to be dropped.
  • O-ring design for a perfect seal. 
  • Super strong 1 piece machined billet design.
  • Can be installed on any fuel tank with an available 4” diameter flat area

If you are looking to install a FASS fuel system, Air Dog fuel pump or any other aftermarket fuel system you will find through your research that many past and present customers are complaining of noise and quarter tank issues. Let’s cover the quarter tank issue first. These quarter tank problems are caused by the draw straw often supplied with these kits. A draw straw is a tube that is fed through the top of the fuel tank that attaches to the suction line going to your aftermarket fuel system. The draw straw is located wherever you drill the hole, but the only available spots to drill into your factory diesel fuel tank are flexible spots. So as you drive the fuel tank is flexing. When you go around a sharp corner with a quarter tank of fuel, the draw straw can swing away from where gravity takes the fuel. This causes the fuel system to suck air in and acts like your diesel truck is running out of fuel. The truck will die, but once you pull over and the fuel settles, the truck will start again. It’s not only annoying, but also dangerous because your power steering stops working when the engine shuts down, brakes also become sketchy…. Noise is another common complaint associated with aftermarket fuel systems. What causes the fuel pump to make so much noise? Strain, the harder the pump has to work, the more noise it is going to make. When the fuel system is trying to suck fuel vertically through a draw straw it’s going to cause that fuel pump to work harder. Therefore, more noise is going to be the result. Some of these aftermarket diesel lift pumps utilize the factory draw straw which is very small in diameter. If the fuel system you have purchased is running 1/2″ or 5/8″ and the factory draw straw is only 5/16″ then you have a massive restriction in the fuel flow. This is always going to cause the fuel pump to run harder and louder. The PF Diesel is designed to fix all of these issues. By pulling fuel from the bottom of the tank rather than the top, you are taking a lot of strain off the fuel pump, allowing it to operate much quieter and you will never have to worry about quarter tank issues again! Another added bonus to the PF Diesel sump, is the simple fact that you no longer need to drop the fuel tank to install your aftermarket fuel system. You simply drill a hole in the bottom of the tank, clean out any shavings and install the sump. Minimal tools are required and it shaves about 3 hours off your install time. If you have read on the forums that these sumps can get knocked off or pulled from the tank, we assure you, no parts manufactured by Performance Fueling are released without rigorous testing first. We sent a handful of these sumps to customers all over this country in all walks of life to make sure our installation was simple and to ensure our product can stand up to their rugged life styles. If the hard working loggers in the Rocky Mountains of the Northwest can hammer up and down gruesome dirt roads day in and day out with our sumps installed, then we are pretty sure you aren’t going to knock our sump off driving to and from work each day. We assure you our diesel fuel sump is up to the task, whatever you can throw at it they will do the job they were intended for as long as you follow our step by step instructions and take care centering the hole in the hub pre-formed in the bottom of your tank.


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