BAKFlip RollBAK G2 Retractable Tonneau Cover


Constructed with the most rugged Industrial Grade retractable top available in the market, it is ready to take anything you can dish out. This BAK tonneau cover retracts smoothly with intermittent latching positions every 18 inches, letting you decide exactly how much access you need to your truck bed. The retractable top glides effortlessly on teflon guides to ensure smooth, quiet operation. The RollBAK G2 gives complete protection, lockable security, contractor grade construction for a very reasonable price and allows full access to stake pocket holes. The RollBAK G2 comes standard with a 1-year warranty.

Cab and Bed Configuration * 

***BAKBox2 Tool Box not available with this cover


  • The retractable top is the heaviest in the industry, made from heavy gauge extruded aluminum slats that are black powder-coated with a rugged wrinkle finish.
  • The RollBAK G2 fits with a clean flush fit that will compliment any new truck.
  • This BAK tonneau cover rolls easily forward by pulling the latch release cable. The cable can be reached on either side for convenience. The latch system is concealed underneath the cover, where it is protected from the elements to prevent any possible failure.
  • Simply locking your tailgate with the cover closed renders it secure, since the latch can only be released with the tailgate open.
  • The patented RollBAK G2 rail gives 100% access to stake pockets for mounting tie downs and other mounts.
  • The RollBAk G2 uses a space saving canister that is the smallest available, giving you plenty of space for storage underneath. It is made from ABS plastic that cannot dent, allowing unobstructed use of the retractable top.
  • Canister drain tubes are easy to route through the truck bed to keep your valuables dry.
  • RollBAK G2 is the easiest retractable cover to install with our patented self-adjusting rail design that simply clamps onto your truck bed and cinches down after the cover is pulled into the opening to set the rail position.
  • RollBAk G2 works with a variety of racks and other truck bed accessories.


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